Who reimburses me if I booked through a travel agent?

In the case that you booked your travels through an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and that your flight has been cancelled, the refund is processed by CitizenPlane back to your OTA.

The travel agent is your Merchant-of-Record and charging you for the booking (ticket and any service you might have purchased with them), as such they are also the ones reimbursing you.

- Once a refund is processed by CitizenPlane, the money goes through a payment processor and back to the OTA

- They are notified by CitizenPlane of the refund and they need to credit back your account/card (this can take some time depending on the OTA, usually up to 8 weeks)

- Any queries regarding the refund should be addressed to the OTA directly

If you can't find the contact of the OTA, contact us using the form in the upper-right corner and we'll do our best to assist you in finding their contact.