The airline cannot find my booking

Do not worry, this is absolutely normal, as detailed during booking and in your confirmation email. See below for more details.

Your reservation has been made on a group allocation purchased to the airline operating the flight, as detailed during the booking process.

While this allows you to get a discounted price, it has several implications:

1. Online check-in is not available. You will be able to retrieve your boarding pass at the airline's check-in desk, 2 hours before the flight's departure (you will need to bring a current valid ID for each passenger).

2. The airline is not managing your reservation directly, since this is delegated to the tour-operator who did the group booking. 

3. CitizenPlane cannot provide you with an airline reference code because there is only one reference for the whole group. As such, we cannot communicate it to you for confidentiality reasons.

This is why we are providing you with our own booking reference that you can use on CitizenPlane to manage your reservation:

If there is anything you want to update in your booking, contact us at and our Support team will be happy to help you right away!