Wheelchair Assistance

If you require wheelchair assistance, please contact us using the form in the upper-right corner with the information below as we need to know the type of pre-boarding required: 

  • WCH / R: passenger can get on/off the plane's gangway 
  • WCH / S: passenger can not mount/descend the bridge but can go alone to their seat
  • WCH / C: passenger cannot move (quadriplegic or paraplegic). This type of assistance requires the intervention of firefighters.

⚠️ For WCH / S and WCH / C a valid companion is required (please provide us with the name and surname of the companion).

If the passenger is travelling with their own wheelchair, can you please provide us with the following information: 

  1. Weight and dimensions of the chair 
  2. Manual or electrical wheelchair
  3. If electrical, please specify the type of batteries (dry, wet, lithium, etc.) and the weight of the battery