I have made a mistake

If you have made a mistake during your booking, such as entering the wrong passenger's name, date of birth or wrong passport information then your ticket may not be valid. Please read below for more information.

In case of a wrong passenger's name, we cannot change the name on a reservation, as our fares are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

However, we can make an exception in the following cases if the flight is in more than 48 hours:
- if your name change consists of less than two letters
- if you made a mistake in the birthdate of a passenger
- if you switched the first name and last name of a passenger
Please contact us directly if your issue is with one of those cases only. Other cases will not be treated.
If the date of birth or wrong passport information has been entered, please contact our Support team at least 48 hours before departure and we will be happy to assist you in requesting the change to our supplier

We recommend that you double-check all personal information before finalizing any bookings to ensure all the relevant details are correct.

CitizenPlane cannot be held liable if you are denied to travel and you may be asked to purchase a new ticket.